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Heating Repair and Maintenance Services in Elmwood Park & Clifton New Jersey

At D & J Plumbing and Heating we can work quickly and efficiently to analyze and fix problems with heating systems in residential homes. If your heater breaks down during the cold winter months, we can inspect the system to determine the cause of the problem and then work to provide a solution. 

Protect your home from an expensive breakdown

Routine maintenance for your heating system, including simple tasks such as changing the air filters once a month during the winter, can help save energy and money on your utility bill. Scheduling a tune–up for your heating system in the fall ensures that it will run safely and efficiently throughout the winter. It can also help extend the life of your furnace or heat pump.

Our routine tune-up checks the following:

  • Gas connections to check for any leaks
  • Heat exchanger for carbon monoxide leaks
  • All electrical connections
  • Soot build–up on burners
  • Pilot flame for any abnormalities
  • Gas valves to make sure they are operating properly
  • Performance and safety checks

We offer comprehensive maintenance and preventive tune–up services, and our certified technicians are well equipped to handle various issues with heating systems.

From major problems to minor heating repairs, we can send our heating technicians to your home to pinpoint the cause of the issue and work to resolve it quickly. If your heating system breaks down, we may be able to prevent further damage and costly replacements, and we are dedicated to finding a cost–effective solution for your heating repair needs.